All About the Experience of Being the

First Generation

A FIRST GEN is anyone that is born in a different land, and time, with different experiences from their familial and community ties. We are fearless beings with complex identities that can be misunderstood or can be judged by those that don't understand our experiences. We are the first to pave the way in many personal and professional landscapes without a labyrinth map or with no reference point on how and where to begin.

This community is not a place where the FIRST GENS will need to explain what it means to be the first, but it is a safe space to have unfiltered conversations about how we navigate multiple identities and/or belong to various communities of different social and economic status.

We will be a labyrinth map where the FIRST GENS can share stories, and personal experiences, and pose their questions. We will be the guide that boldly marks our place in the world that values our experiences and our voices.