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Why Collaborate With Labyrinth of the First Gen

At Labyrinth of the First Gen,  I believe that the most powerful stories are woven together.  The goal of the Labyrinth of the First Gen is build a community, a bridge between cultures, and a catalyst for transformation. But we can’t do it alone. We invite you, the changemakers, the storytellers, the allies, to join us in shaping a future where  voices resonate, experiences are valued, and journeys inspire.

Weyu’s Expertise in Intercultural Training & Storytelling

I have over a decade of experience working with global organizations and companies to address inclusive hiring, build cohesive teams, and train leadership on inclusive approaches. My love for interacting with people across borders led her to live and work in nine countries in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. My career began in the international development field when I worked for a social enterprise in Brazil, taught English in Colombia, and managed medical missions for an International NGO. I previously was a Senior Learning and Development Program Manager and DEIAB facilitator for ReadySet, a corporate DEIAB firm. As a Senior Program Manager, I worked with various industries in tech, entertainment, consulting firms, and non-profits to conduct needs assessments, provide change management recommendations to leadership, and create a DEIAB training strategy.

How Can We Collaborate

Whether you’re a fellow first-gen navigating your own path, an organization seeking to embrace cultural diversity, or an individual passionate about amplifying unheard narratives, there’s a place for you in our labyrinth. Share your expertise, contribute your voice, and collaborate with us to build a more inclusive, vibrant world where every story finds its rightful place.

Labyrinth First Gen Services:

  • Workshop’s  and webinars:  I facilitate in-person and virtual workshops to guide others through transformative workshops on cultural identity, career development, storytelling, and more.
  •  Consulting services: I share professional knowledge and skills to help organizations and individuals navigate cultural complexities and embrace diversity.
  • Mentorship: I provide invaluable guidance and support to those navigating their own first-gen journeys.

Partner and Amplify:

  • Collaborate on events and initiatives: Partner with Labyrinth to co-host webinars, conferences, or community events that celebrate first-gen narratives.
  • Spread the word: Share Labyrinth’s resources and content with your own networks, helping to reach a wider audience and inspire action.
  • Support through sponsorships: Consider sponsoring the podcast, events, or other initiatives to fuel Labyrinth’s mission and contribute to its impact.

Together, we can illuminate the power of global experiences and pave the way for a brighter, more connected future. Let’s weave a tapestry of understanding, support, and collective impact. 

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