Season Finale: Redefining Black Land Ownership in the African Diaspora

Across the African Diaspora, Black land rights are being violated. At the peak of black land ownership after the civil war, African American farmers owned 16 million acres of land. Today, the cumulative value of African-American land loss due to land dispossession is $326 billion. Black land dispossession in the United States is not an isolated incident. Land dispossession also occurs across the African diaspora in Central America.

In this episode, Hervan Morgan a Belizean activist, talks about Serro, which is land that is collectively owned by the Garifuna population. We discuss the importance of Serro and black land ownership in the context of the Garifuna population, Central America, and the world more broadly.

 ” The world right now as we live, as we journey through this earth. We don’t have  high understanding, a deep understanding of justice and fairness.  It was something spoken about by Jesus Christ for many years, justice and fairness.  And so Serro is all about fairness.”  

~Hervan Morgan

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