Season 2 Finale The Journey Towards Self-Determination: US Virgin Islands’ Perspective

In a recent interview with Dr. Malik Sekou, he shed light on the significance of the Constitution as a small step toward decolonization. Dr. Sekou emphasized the importance of getting our people to recognize this constitution as a crucial milestone in the journey toward greater self-governance.

According to Dr. Sekou, while the constitution may not be equivalent to a massive stride towards complete independence or stakeholder-free association, it paves the way for increased autonomy. He poignantly stated, “It is not the same as a big step towards independence or stakeholder-free association, but it’s a small step towards greater self-governance.”

One cannot underestimate the power of small steps. Dr. Sekou believes that by embracing this constitution, our people can gradually chip away at the remnants of colonization and build a more autonomous future for ourselves. It serves as a stepping stone towards breaking free from the shackles of colonial influence and asserting our right to self-determination.

The road to decolonization is long and arduous, but Dr. Sekou remains hopeful. He urges us to view this constitution as an important milestone in our collective journey. By recognizing and appreciating the value of this small step, we can begin to reshape our society and forge a path toward a truly decolonized future.

In conclusion, Dr. Malik Sekou’s interview highlights the significance of the Constitution in our quest for decolonization. This document represents a small yet meaningful stride towards greater self-governance. It is a reminder to embrace every opportunity for progress, no matter how incremental, as we work towards dismantling the legacy of colonization.

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