Redefining What It Means To Have a Dual Identity

Zaíra Apolinario Chaplin is a born New Yorker, raised by her Afro-Brazilian mother in Harlem, New York, and St. Albans, Queens – two historic black neighborhoods. In this episode, she talks about the beauty, struggles, and misconceptions of being first-generation and navigating a dual identity.

“I do love the dual identity that I mentioned earlier, it also can be a double-edged sword because at times you can feel like you don’t fully belong to anyone or other community, and there are moments where obviously you do and moments where it’s like, oh. Though my family is Brazilian and I was raised by a Brazilian and Afro-Brazilian woman.Like I was not born and raised here. Like my cultural references are different. My experiences growing up were different than someone born and raised in Brazil”~Zaíra Apolinario Chaplin

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