Redefining the Constraints of Living with Undocumented Status

Alonso was born in Mexico and immigrated with his family to the United States as a child. He shares his experience of living undocumented in the United States. Under the Obama administration, he applied for DACA and became DACAmented. However, there were still constraints to living with an undocumented status that influenced his decision to leave the United States and find a home for himself elsewhere. He now lives and works in France.

“Over time, I realize it’s the US context that constrains me is the US context that prevents me from finding a job. Of course, there were many resources that I was able to tap into in the US but there were a lot of constraints as well afterwards. So that’s the idea of how it came up, well, if I can make it in the US I’m pretty sure there are other countries where I can try and, you know, find a job and basically live a normal life. Not a life that is kind of a second class citizen of the United States, not a life in the shadows, a life, you know, a life without fear.” ~ Alonso 

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